We only list cars that are still covered under their original bumper-to-bumper manufacturer's warranty.
We only deal with cars that are covered under their original bumper-to-bumper manufacturer's warranty and by definition this means relatively low mileage - fewer than 50,000 miles.
We have made the geographic location of the cars we list more or less irrelevant so that you can focus on finding the car you are looking for regardless of its current physical location. When you buy your next car from us, we will ship it to you for FREE (within the continental US).
Buying a car is serious business and private buyers do not usually buy multiple personal vehicles at the same time. In addition, we would like to make the bidding experience for our users as enjoyable as possible and prevent the very few users that don't intend to follow through with their offers from ruining the experience of the majority who do. We do, however, grant that privilege to users who contact us to request participation in multiple auto auctions in advance of placing their bids. Note that this limitation does not apply to reserve auctions where your bid is the highest, but the reserve has not been met.
Unlike eBay, most of our users are one time buyers only and there is no need to reveal their identity for the purposes of tracking their bidding and buying activities to other buyers since we are the only seller on the system. As a registered user, you enjoy the entire car-buying experience in complete privacy as governed by our Privacy Policy.
Due to the quick turnaround required, our online auction setup cannot be applied directly to customers outside of the U.S. and Canada. However, potential foreign clients are encouraged to contact us with an order. You can visit our Global Export from USA section and Importing Cars into Canada pages for more information.
There are several factors that go into the selection process. First, we select cars from one of the 7 makes we target - Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche. Second, we look for low mileage (fewer than 50,000 miles), retail ready, AutoCheck™ Assured℠ cars that are still under factory warranty. Lastly, we look for models our customers are searching for on our site. That is why it's important that you create saved search agents that do all the work for you. Not only are they helpful when you use them to search for cars that match your criteria, but they also allow us to fine-tune our selection process and give us the opportunity to notify you when we do list the car(s) you are looking for.
We are unable to provide public access to dealer-only auto auctions for the purpose of car inspections. Dealer auction houses do not allow public buyers on their premises. However, all vehicles we review at the car dealer auctions have undergone extensive independent inspection as part of the preparation process for the live auction. We employ a very rigorous process for selecting the cars we list based on these inspection reports. On average, less than 3% of the vehicles that fall under our general target parameters (year, make, model and mileage) nationwide receive our stamp of approval and are listed on our site. In other words, we hand-pick the best late-model, high-end, low-mileage (fewer than 50,000 miles), retail ready, AutoCheck™ Assured℠ cars that are still under factory warranty.
Winning our auction does not automatically make you an owner of the car because we do not physically possess the cars we list. Once we obtain your 10% security deposit, we will set off to acquire the car from the dealer auction on your behalf, where we will compete against other registered dealers. The NADA trade-in values that we provide with our listings can serve as an imperfect guide for what could be considered a reasonably successful offer. Ultimately, the market determines our success.
We do not offer financing and due to the nature of our setup and relatively quick turnaround, it is imperative that you secure the necessary funds prior to participating in our auto auctions.
The only acceptable source of funding for the security deposit is payment via PayPal. Keep in mind that we do not accept credit card payments via PayPal for the purposes of the security deposit. Also note that you may need to contact your bank to ensure that the deposit amount does not exceed your daily limit.
Any form of certified funds (bank check, wire transfer) is acceptable. We do not accept credit card payments and PayPal for the final payment.
The car auctions on our site end 2 business days before the live dealer auction for any car we list. This is done to allow enough time (24 hours from auction end) to secure your bid with the 10% deposit.
Typically, we would notify you of the outcome of the dealer auction the same day but it may take up to 2 business days to get the winning bid approved or rejected by the seller at the dealer auction.
Shipping time estimates vary greatly depending on the physical location of the car and your location. We will keep you posted once your purchase is finalized and you can track its progress online.
Yes, we are happy to extend the opportunity to save on premium automobiles to holders of the mighty Loonie! Please visit our Importing Cars into Canada page for helpful information and resources on this topic.

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